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TREAT Asia Videos on Women’s Reproductive Rights

Published July 2014

Women living with HIV in the Asia-Pacific report being pressured to undergo abortions or sterilization procedures by some medical professionals, despite the fact that proper treatment and care can reduce the chance of a mother transmitting HIV to her child to less than 1%.  To combat this violation of women’s sexual and reproductive rights, TREAT Asia is collaborating with its regional partners to develop resources to educate women living with HIV and medical professionals about reproductive health rights and internationally recommended treatment standards. TREAT Asia is also advocating for policy reforms that affirm the rights of these women.

The full scope of the problem is unknown, but a coordinated effort by organizations supporting women living with HIV is critical to changing medical and social cultures around reproductive health. The following educational videos provide fictional examples of both positive and negative advice that HIV-positive pregnant women might receive from healthcare professionals. The videos are in Thai and have English subtitles.


Positive Advice: A Woman With HIV Asks A Nurse About How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy.



Negative Advice: A Nurse Pressures A Woman With HIV To Sign A Consent Form For Sterilization



Negative Advice: A Nurse Discourages A Pregnant Woman With HIV From Having Children.