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What's New with the Caucus for Evidence-Based Prevention?


May 31, 2007—The Caucus for Evidence-Based Prevention was created in 2006 by amfAR, along with SIECUS and Population Action International, to highlight and promote HIV prevention efforts supported by sound scientific evidence at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto, and beyond. Comprised of dozens of U.S.-based non-governmental organizations, the Caucus serves as a unified voice reporting on HIV prevention-related proceedings to a wide audience, and alerting the community when ideology or political opinion interfere with evidence-based approaches to reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

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amfAR is co-sponsoring a December 3 panel discussion titled, “HIV Prevention Priorities in the Face of New Evidence: Current Debates and Dilemmas.” Organized by the Caucus for Evidence-Based Prevention and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, the panel discussion will be staged at the National HIV Prevention Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

The session will look at how evidence is gathered from biomedical, behavioral, and social interventions. Some of the nation’s leading public policy and prevention experts will discuss how data from recent clinical trials affects decisions about which programs to launch or scale up.

One of the products of the Caucus is a newsletter published in conjunction with major HIV prevention conferences. The newsletter provides a forum for advocates, researchers and policy-makers to share and exchange evidence-based information. The latest issue was prepared for, and distributed at the United States Conference on AIDS in Palm Springs, California, on November 8, 2007.

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