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Nature Article Highlights amfAR Cure Consortium


July 15, 2010—amfAR’s Research Consortium on HIV/AIDS Eradication (ARCHE) is part of a growing trend in HIV/AIDS research toward interdisciplinary collaboration, according to a recent article in the leading scientific journal Nature. Noting that most of the major breakthroughs in HIV/AIDS research have emerged from collaborative efforts by scientists working in a variety of disciplines, the article tracks the emergence of consortia to address two of the most pressing issues in the field: the development of an HIV vaccine and the search for a cure.

In the article, amfAR’s vice president and director of research, Rowena Johnston, Ph.D., outlines amfAR’s goal of sparking a broader collaborative movement toward a cure, explaining, “It’s probably fair to say that most AIDS researchers are still sceptical that there can ever be a cure. But our view is that if you don’t even try, you can guarantee that there won’t ever be one.”

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