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Condolences for Elizabeth Taylor



My sincere condolences to the family and close friends of Elizabeth Taylor. I am thankful that she stepped up to the plate when no one else would. I lived in Reno Nevada before there was an AIDS foundation there, and no one knew what this terrible disease was. I went to Sacramento Ca. in the early 80's to train for Hand to Hand work, which i helped found in Reno to help persons with the disease with no name. I am thankful to have helped many people at the time persons needed help. Elizabeth, you will be sorely missed.    Love, Ron

I lift you up and declare your fierceness ............ Our mother and fighter and fellow ACT-UP comrade ............Our world was touched by an angel ...........Thank you from the core of my soul...............Mark

I would like to express my sincere feelings of loss for one of the most amazing women of our century. Her courage and charm in the face of adversity and her ability to champion the cause when everyone else was blind to the need, is a testament of both her true beauty and intelligence. Celebrity does come with the potential for social responsibility and leadership but only a few recognize this. Thank you Elizabeth and to all those working to help end the suffering of those living with HIV.
Kind regards,

 Thank you for all you have done in this struggle. I have been working with you since the 80’s and there is still much to be done. You and your tenacity will be sorely missed!

This lady did more for HIV/AIDS then anyone I know, she was a great actress, yet even more an activist for those who could not speak out. She will be miss greatly, but at least her suffering is over and she is in a far better place now.

I am sure Elizabeth is an Angel of Light and God is pouring lots of blessings on her everyday on the other dimensions , due to her example of a strong woman with the vision to help, help, help and Love unconditionally when prejudice existed, and she opened the door  many years ago, so that the world would follow her direction founding Amfar on helping healing Aids and other benefits.
Continue shining throughout  the Universes, eternally,
I am Carmen, São Paulo, Brasil

Dame Elizabeth Taylor,
You will be miss dearly for your beauty and love for humanity, may you rest in peace...........

We lost a great social leader who fights against all kind of discripencies and dicrimination irrespect of sex, gender, color, ethinic and religious identity.
God bless her departed soul..
Let us try ourselves to our best to continue her efforts.
Miss Boby

Thank You - Elizabeth Taylor - for the Beauty and Compassion You Lovingly brought to the World...Thank You for being an ardent Friend and Activist for the Fight Against Aids and for Standing-Up for the Gay Community-When No One Else DARED...
Your STAR will Continue to Dazzle and Illuminate...We Will 'Miss YOU'-but Your SPIRIT and GRACE will LIVE in Our Hearts-FOREVER!
Our Eternal LOVE To YOU and To YOUR FAMILY...and To All
hose Who Are Better-Off for having Known 'YOU'...

Dame Taylor's contribution was a boon to us all on so many levels.   
She will be sorely missed. -- JL

We have all lost a great humanitarian.  Elizabeth Taylor took up causes that were not ‘popular’, yet she led them with pride and dignity.  All the world is better because of her work.  As an actress, she has performed exquisitely ever since a child.  I have always enjoyed watching her on the screen and TV.  I also remember  a picture of Elizabeth Taylor in the 1970’s in ‘hot pants.’  No matter what age she was, she was always beautiful.  Ms. Taylor was never a diamond in the rough; she was polished and shiny.  Her black & white “White Diamonds” commercials conveyed a soft, sexy side. Her violet/blue eyes and double eyelashes captured the paparazzi and calmed our fears.  In ‘Virginia Woolf’ Ms Taylor spewed lines that many women say today (reality TV)  Her acting  and beauty were unparalleled.  Because of her beauty, all of her life remained public.  And Elizabeth remained generous and graceful to all.Thank you.
My condolences and comfort go out to all of Elizabeth Taylor’s family and close friends.  Her memory and legend live on forever.  May you find comfort in knowing that so many are affected by the loss of such a great star and wonderful person.  Her memory lives on forever….

Dear Elizabeth,
Bless you for your taking action re: the serious issue of HIV-AIDS.
You are truly a heroine and your legacy will never be forgotten.

We truely loved her and will surely miss her beautiful face.
A wonderful actress and a fantastic human being.
I always give to Amfar in honor of my brother and in memory of Elizabeth.
What a great loss to humanity.
Dr. & Mrs. Lee M

I am deeply saddened by the loss of such an incredible lady which feels like the end of an era.  Her fight for people with aids and the stigma they go through was an  inspiration to us all.  She was truly beautiful inside and out and will be missed terribly.
My deepest sympathies to her family,
Susan McCandless

What a wonderful human being Elizabeth Taylor certainly was! I will always remember her with so much love.
Beth N

Elizabeth demonstrates life beyond our fears to hope and work, evolve - personally, I cannot thank her enough - words are simply inadequate.

Elizabeth, it could have been enough to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Or talented and rich beyond comprehension.  Instead, you stared down a world in denial with your violet eyes and marshaled the extraordinary power of every resource at your disposal. To touch, to speak and to fight for AIds when everyone was afraid. You taught us that courage can change the world. And you have.  You have gone, but you will never leave because you are part of our new world of hope.

My partner (Robert B, deceased 1998) and I are supporters of AMFAR. It's with great sadness that Liz is gone but her memory will live on just as it has with my partner. Both were ardent crusaders against this terrible disease, hopefully one day there will be a cure. In the meantime AMFAR has my full support.

I've been an amfAR supporter for 18 years largely because of Elizabeth Taylor's personal pleas to support the organization. She had already stopped making feature films by the time I was a young adult, but you could say that through becoming the spokeswoman for amfAR, her star became much bigger than on the silver screen. I will never forget the November 1992 "Liz Aid" cover of Vanity Fair, and the iconic image of a stunning 60-year-old Elizabeth dressed to the nines holding an opened condom wrapper. That image would still be controversial today, but was truly fearless then. Her legacy should be an inspiration to all -- to be remembered for making a difference in the quality of lives of others. I can't imagine the big bash in heaven last night.
Richard L

What an incredible example Elizabeth Taylor has been for all of us! This example will live on and on. We are so appreciative of the work she has done! I know that her efforts have made our jobs easier. She will be missed, but her presence will remain with us.
Philip G

What an outstanding ambassador Elizabeth Taylor was for amFAR.  A better spokeswoman you could not have had, she will be greatly missed.

Thank you Elizabeth, for your voice and ideas to start a foundation that has changed the lives of so many. As a recipient of a grant from amfAR to continue research on HIV-1, I am in debt for all of your hard work for this foundation. I shall continue to work for all those that need a better treatment or, better yet, a cure.

A true star in every sense of the word inside and out! She will be missed.

I met Elizabeth Taylor I think it was back in '85 or '86 at a AIDS fundraiser in New York City when I was working for CBS Network. She was gracious, and a stunning beauty. It's sad that as time marches on we're slowly losing all our "living legends". Yesterday Elizabeth received the precious gift of "Eternal Life", where I believe no matter what your earthly status was, everyone gets the SAME and equal share/amount. Enjoy your new gift my dear, and may you rest in peace for all eternally. Till we met again.
Ralph G.
Persico, FL

What does one say at a time like this?  Miss Taylor was a fighter and a survivor and one of the last true stars and she set an example for other celebrities, so the cycle continues, but the world was changed for the better by one amazing lady that few in this life will ever measure up to.  Miss Taylor is one individual that will leave a void that can never be filled, but we were blessed that she was a part of the human race and we had her in our lives for as long as we did.  Thank you for the lives you've touched and a job well done.  May you rest in peace now.  With sincere respect, love and admiration. 

As a person living with AIDS for almost 20 years I credit and thank Elizabeth Taylor’s efforts and the people of AmFar for my continued good health. Thank You Liz from myself and all of us affected by AIDS. You will be greatly missed.

Many of us walked before, with, and after Elizabeth Taylor in our effort to bring attention to AIDS.
And, when her films and attraction fade, and she passes into history, her star in the effort to combat AIDS will glow eternally. She remains my favorite.
Len D

On March 23, 2011 this country lost and icon and a dear friend. My condolences to her family and many friends. May you rest and be at peace Elizabeth. From a friend in the fight of people with HIV/AIDS.

 So beautiful, so talented, and so involved!
Rachael T

My son died of AIDS in 1990, as did some of his friends. But other friends survived and still live, thanks to the advances which have been made in diagnosis and treatment since those early days of the epidemic. I am thankful to Elizabeth Taylor for all her courageous work on behalf of those afflicted with AIDS. Thanks to her, in large measure, the stigma of the disease has been lifted and the lives of AIDS patients made easier.
Jim C

On behalf of all our brother and sisters who continue to struggle with the disease, we want to THANK YOU and recognized the effort and dedication you devoted to the cause. What you have done for all of us, it will NEVER be forgotten. May the light continue to guide you in the eternal life? 

Not only was she a great actress, but she helped AmFar more than most people. 

She not only saved my life:  She told me not to be ashamed of it.

When others dared not speak of HIV and AIDS in polite company - you led the way. You demanded that the nation and the world pay attention. You were a hell of an actress and the most beautiful woman in the world - but even that was exceeded by your inner beauty.  May God Bless and Keep You. We will never forget you. I will be making an honorary donation to amFar in your memory.

Today the world lost a great lady who made every moment count and left us many great works of Art,and many charities that reached out to all people sorry to see her go you’ll be missed.

Dear Departed Elizabeth,
I am sending this email so that your children will get it and appreciate my sadness at your parting. Thank you for who you were... Yes, you were a great film actress, deserving the Oscars you won, definitely iconic, but, for me, your greatest act was your total and complete connection with AIDS and your many years as an advocate to help stop the disease and creating AmFAR.... You fame helped bring necessary notice to this devastating disease.... That you spent time, money and genuine humanity to this devastating disease made you a great human being... Bless you for your humanity...With sorrow at your passing,

Thank you for your passion in those things you believed in!

Mankind has lost it's most shining beacon of hope. We will not forget, Elizabeth.

What a sadness...after so many...another voice silenced...another death.  Thank you Dame Elizabeth, for your compassion, your caring, and your courage.

As someone who is also living with HIV, I am deeply saddened by the loss of Elizabeth Taylor.  Her dedication to supporting those with HIV/AIDS in the early years when others so easily treated us like outcasts and pariahs is a shining example of love, compassion, charity, and humility.  She treated all those around her with respect, class and dignity.  We should all strive to follow her example.  She will truly be missed!

My mother used to say to me: "Don't tell me how much you love me, show me by your deeds"  How prophetic are these
words that apply to greatness and quiet strength of character displayed by Elizabeth Taylor. Is this not God's actions
revealed among us mortals. He's presence displayed by deeds not words.

Elizabeth Taylor was a very beautiful woman and will be a legend of our time.

I grew up with you and your movies and will miss you deeply.  You have entertained us and provided for us as no one ever has or ever will.  God bless you forever.
Bob Y

 The stars will shine bright knowing that such a grand women made a great difference in many people’s lives.  That is the best gift one can possibly give and be known for.  She will be sorely missed, although her spirit will live on forever.
How sad.

There was a crisis that hit our land and no reach out or spoke out except like members of the group most affected.  And then the voice of an Angel was heard throughout the land.  She called out the hypocrites and she called those who just plain did not want to be bother with this disease.  She dare to touch the inflicted and she dare to love and fight for  them all.  She worked hard this beautiful Angel and never quit.   She was beautiful, talented, intelligent, compassionate and loving. A beautiful woman with a beautiful soul.  Thank you Elizabeth Taylor.  Rest in peace for eternity, dear Lady.

Miss Taylor, will always be remembered in our hearts, Our love and support goes out to the family. I thank God for such a woman and such a giving spirit for those in need HIV/AIDS. People like Miss Taylor are hard to come by may your soul rest in peace. God bless.

Light House family  from Bangladesh is deeply mourned with amfAR for departing of Dame Elizabeth Taylor's. We should continue her effort though work for preventing HIV in The World. 

I am deeply saddened by the loss of this beautiful icon... an actress and humanitarian, whom I watched and admired from afar. She lead an exciting and tumultuous life. May she rest in peace among the stars above forever.

I remember the dark days of the 1980's when Elizabeth Taylor became the candle that sparked a world of change.  Thank you for your commitment, your tireless efforts and the worldwide awareness you created throughout the years in your fight against HIV/AIDS.  When no one else would speak were not afraid to speak out.  Your voice became a beacon of hope and because of you, the world was changed.  The world has lost a true friend, a great actress and most of all an activist who will never be forgotten.  May you enjoy the company of angels because you were an angel for us!

As a Recipient, through UCLA's Care Clinic and APLA, to having my Sister named after her, to my meeting her briefly back in the late 1970's way before her HIV/AIDS Advocacy started, and attending her Birthday Bash thrown by APLA, back in the 1990's at the Pantages Theater, and through her Films, I came to Fall in Love, Admire, and at times wondered if She and I were/are distant relatives. Elizabeth you'll be sorely missed, but will always be Alive and "Giving Them Hell" in my heart.
With much love,

my condolence for the death of Dame Elizabeth Taylor wonderful woman,mother and actress.

As much as I loved her as a movie star, it was her unbelievably bold and courageous stance in AIDS awareness for which I will always remember her. As others have stated, her work was tireless, and based on the notion that we are all one. It grew out of her love for her friend Rock Hudson but it wasn't so long after his death that we all became the beneficiaries of that love. I remember going to a newstand and seeing repeated images of this gorgeous movie star on the cover on Vanity Fair, holding up a condom. There was nothing like this Dame!

Elizabeth Taylor was a beacon of light in a world to often overshadowed by hate, ignorance and misery. She was a beauty inside and out . What she did in the early days of A.I.D.S. can not be measured. Only God knows the amount of  lives she help save and the misery she help elevate. And if there is a heaven, now Elizabeth knows. May her beautiful soul rest peace .

I never had the opportunity to meet Elizabeth Taylor in person, only via the big and little TV screen. But, what I know about her speaks volumes. While an incredibly talented actress, she dedicated herself to fighting a highly stigmatized disease and supporting highly stigmatized persons associated with that disease. For a high profile actress to do so, she risked alienating her fans, but gained the admiration of the world in her efforts to fight HIV. She defied that stigma, and embraced the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community and many others disproportionately affected by AIDS. We need more people like her to stand up for marginalized persons around the world who are most affected by disease. Thank you Dame Elizabeth Taylor.


The mortal has decided to rest; but the spirit lives with us. The courage you gave to us in the 80s propelled us to do what it takes in India. Salute to a fighter and God bless your soul.
Dr. Sundar Sundararaman
Chennai, India

Will great sadness we say goodbye to a gifted actress,  and a beautiful lady.  We will remember you always.  From England
Susan Q


Elizabeth Taylor was not only a Beautiful woman and a wonderful actress, she was a Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and an Avid Activist!! She brought the Plight of Aids Research to the Front and got the World involved.  She was loved by all and will be Truly MISSED. We did not see enough of her in the past number of years. I saw all her MOVIES and loved seeing her whereever I could  ON TV. Rest In Peace Dame Elizabeth.  There will never be another YOU!!Much love to her family.

Farewell, Dame Elizabeth, you will be missed. rest in peace. my sincere condolences to the family.

Thank you.  Rest in peace with God .

God Bless you, Elizabeth Taylor!  Wow, how lucky I am to have had you fighting for me. REST IN PEACE


We have lost a great towering personality. She was doing a great service to the humanity by starting non profit organisations. HIV/AIDS the most dreadful and fearful disease  and she embraced the subject and gave diginity to the positive people and till her death she served selflesly. Her death is an irreaprable loss to the humanity which is difficult to fill. I sincerely pay my condolence to her and hope the path she has shown us will not stop with her death and we would continue to tread the same and try to fulfill her dream.
From Suresh B, Delhi, India


You lived life full throttle and you never apologized. You spoke for those who didn't have a voice. And you brought so much beauty into this world. Rest in peace.


You will never know how many lives you saved, but many in the LGBT community will never forget.  We owe you more than we could possibly ever give, you were the first to stand up for us and you stayed true to the end.......Bravo Ms Liz ........Your forever in our hearts ........


i am very sad to learn of Ms. Taylor's passing.  thank you Ms. Taylor for all you did for those of us living with HIV/AIDS and for those whose lives have been impacted by this disease.  i believe i am alive and well in large part to your work. may you rest in peace forever in God's love.
Today on Wednesday, March 23, 2011, God called home Dame Elizabeth Taylor, DBE.  To many of us Elizabeth was many things.  She was an actress, business woman, and HIV/AIDs Advocate when no one else would talk about the issue.  We lost a very beautiful person inside and out today, but her legacy will continue.  Elizabeth can now rest in peace.  You and your family are in my prayers.  May God bless your family and give them comfort through this difficult time and may they celebrate your life as a beginning and not an end.   I love you though I’ve never met you.
Deepest sympathies,
Mr. Mark A
May God Love and Rest, Dame Elizabeth Taylor. She was a great supporter of amFar, and also, hiv/aids education. She had a very beautiful heart!

With the passing of Dame Elizabeth Taylor, the world not only lost an entertainment icon, but a caring and devoted humanitarian as evidenced by her tireless work for amfAR on behalf of those living with AIDS/HIV.  Through her efforts she helped shine a light on what was then a relatively unknown and emerging health crisis and put a human face on those living with AIDS/HIV.  If it weren’t for the care and concern she had for her fellow man, many people would have been misinformed on what the disease is and what it isn’t and countless others would have been doomed to a life of marginalization, forced to suffer in solitude with negative stigmas attached to their existence.  She was not only beautiful on screen but off screen and inside as well and will be forever remembered and always missed.

Thanks to this diva in the big heart.
Thanks to the one who dared to wear the voice of those whom one did not hear.
Thank you for these twenty five years of passion.
Thank you for all these doors that you opened to us.
Thank you for having changed our life.
1000 times THANK YOU
Relaying in peace Lady Elizabeth Taylor

You stood tall among many in the face of disbelief,misconception,stigma and description. You fought for the defenceless and Voiceless. It is time for you to rest. You have fought the good fight, Now awaits you is a beautiful crown. Ride on and Rest till we meet to part no more.
Living waters
The STDs/HIV/AIDS Prevention Centre of Vietnam (SHAPC) is so sad to know that Dame Elizabeth Taylor has left amfAR - the Foundation for AIDS Research forever. On behalf of SHAPC, I would like to send amfAR and her family our condolence. This is a big loss for not only those who are working in the area of HIV prevention, treatment and care, but also for people living with AIDS themselves. She is a symbol of love and consideration for vulnerable groups.  Thank you so much for what you have done for the world, Elizabeth. We will be missing you ...

A true champion who never gave up in her fight for justice and tolerance for those who are afflicted. Dame Elizabeth, you will be missed. We must now take up the gauntlet and continue where you left off, with your spirit and determination to guide us. Rest well, dear lady, after a long and courageous fight.
Laura K.

It is indeed a specially sad day for amfAR, the AIDS scientific community  AIDS militants and HIV infected people. She will continue to leave through amfAR, let's hope Sharon Stone will take the torch: she has the beauty, the stardom and the iconic appeal to do it!

Dame Elizabeth Taylor inspired the world to stand up and fight against AIDS
Dr. C

Elizabeth Taylor was a indestrucable diamond that will never ever lose it's shine on the silver screen and for the humanitarian worldwide work she committed herself to. Her spirit was truly a passion to help the underdogs be heard in the world, her commitment to helping the hopeless and powerless especially with aids is one of her proudest and powerful contributions to making the world a better place to live. Despite all the heartache, the pain, and tears of her marriages not working well, her love for the world and for all humanity kept the drive going for her. My tears do not stop flowing this day for her passing, but I take sincere and great comfort knowing that her universal message of change by helping others is not forgotten. Her legacy on the big screen with a list of great movies that she accomplished in her life is as vast and infinite as the universe and all the stars in the sky. We all should take great pride and appreciation in helping our fellow human being always and we can all be better doing so, let's remember Ms. Taylor not just for the roles she played in the movies, but for her oustanding love for the earth, by being involved in organizations that help the world. Thomas paine said it best: "The world is my country, all mankind are my bretheren and to do good is my religion."  Good night Ms. taylor, may flights of angels sing thou good and faithful handmaid servant to thy rest, on behalf of all the generations who you touched with your kindness, your love and more....
We say thank you.

My deepest sympathy to the family of such a loving and intriguing lady.

The world will remember Elizabeth Taylor not because she won two academy awards but because she was truly a gift from God. Dame Taylor showed her compassion for her fellow man by the many hours she spent promoting understanding and the need for research on finding a cure for aids. Elizabeth Taylor reached out to the gay community when it was not politically correct to do so. She showed her love and compassion for those who suffered from this terrible disease and gave hope and encouragement to millions of people not only in the United States but thru out the world. I loved Elizabeth Taylor because she showed her love for so many people. I pray for her family and loved ones that God will embrace and be with them at this time of their loss. Elizabeth Taylor was a great actress but she was even a greater human being. Thank you Elizabeth for bringing so much entertainment to us and also for giving so much hope to those infected with this terrible disease. Your memory will live on in the hearts of everyone.
A devoted fan and admirer
Harold L

For your selfless and generous contribution toward the search for a cure for HIV/AIDS, for your beautiful memories in film and for your amazing persona, I personally thank you. Rest in Peace

Yesterday(March23) I was giving respects to my mother who died on this date three days earlier, then I heard that Elizabeth Taylor had passed away. My mother had a big heart like Elizabeth Taylor, and I put the two together as special women who lived on this earth.
Rosalie Harman

You shined. You still shine!!!!!!!!!

Ms Taylor was a woman of strength and courage!  She will missed and loved forever!!!  My favorite movie of her is National Velvet!!  I wish the best to the family in this time of morning!!! Sincerely,

My heart was heavy with grief at the passing of Dame Elizabeth Taylor, but it was also happy at the contributions she made during her lifetime. I have been living with HIV since 1985, healthy and doing well. Dame Elizabeth Taylor helped change the face of HIV/AIDS, she spoke out when others kept silent. She knocked on doors, when those doors were locked. She gave many the hope and courage to go on, and on they went.  My wish is that Dame Elizabeth Taylor will meet in heaven, or whatever the reader chooses to refer to, the many she helped, this help came in many different forms. The face of HIV/AIDS will never be treated in the same manner because of her brave and public struggle.

God Bless You, Ms. Taylor. Dame Elizabeth Taylor was an extraordinary actress and humanitarian.

Godspeed Miss Taylor the world is less of a place without you in it!!


I wish I was old enough to remember Elizabeth Taylor in some of her movies. She was a fantasic actress. She was also an advocate for getting rid of the Aides Virus. My codolences go out to her family and friends. The world has really lost a good friend.  The world has lost a bright star and will not be the same for her leaving us. May she FINALLY rest in peace. God Bless you Elizabeth Taylor and thank you for all you have done for the world.
Sincerely, Dawn C.


Elizabeth Taylor first embraced people with AIDS when doing so was considered by most people in the public eye personally unspeakable and professionally dangerous.  Elizabeth didn’t care.  She knew only that her friends were dying; abandoned, denounced and too easily reviled by far too many.  Her courage and willingness to speak up created a ripple of compassion against a rising tide of prejudice that moved the entertainment industry into action and then an entire nation to care.   Her heart knew no bounds.   She will be remembered as a great actress, a fierce advocate for those once outcast and a remarkable woman. BC/EFA is sending amfAR a $10,000 grant to support the Mathilde Krim Fellowships in Biomedical Research in memory of Elizabeth Taylor and in honor of all that she and Dr. Krim accomplished together for us all. Best wishes from all here at BC/EFA to all at amfAR.


So many lives have been saved due to the love in the heart of this amazing Lady.  I've lost so many friends that could have been saved if our leaders did what they could have and should have done in the beginning.  And then Elizabeth Taylor saw what was happening and took up the right fight and saved countless more friends that would have died had she not followed her heart. I now shed a tear from the remembrance of her bravery.  And I will follow her lead where-ever and when-ever I can.
Bob P

I want to repeat what I said to Miss Taylor at an early AMFAR event at the World Trade Center’s Winter Garden some twenty-five years ago: “Thank you for having the compassion to reach out to people with HIV and the courage to stand up for them.” She was a shining light, a tireless worker, a good soul,  and countless numbers have benefitted from her work and her example.

Words cannot express my sadness for Dame Elizabeth’s loss.  Having lost 45 friends to AIDS, and being a loyal supporter I am certain  AMFAR shall continue to do you incredible work!!!! DAME ELIZABETH, thank for all you have done regarding this illness.   I am certain that you are not only resting in peace, but in the presence of our LORD.
I watched Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton rehearsing in Boston in their last performances together in Boston. She has always been a figure in my life, from watching her movies, and with the connection to my mother's obsession that she was as beautiful as Elizabeth Taylor, a compliment she (my mother) was often paid in those days. So, hearing of Ms. Taylor's death brought two sorrows of memory, my mother, and the passing of an icon of my youth. Rest well, Elizabeth, you and Richard can spar and tussle again up there, wherever you find yourself.
Cathy V

Elizabeth Taylor was just "good people".  May others be imbued with the values of decency and humanitarianism that flowed so naturally from Elizabeth.  Thank you for bringing AIDS to the forefront and for helping countless people around the world.   R I P , Elizabeth Taylor.
Lewis P

Elizabeth was a beautiful, loving, and caring person!  I really admired her.  She was so courageous, she will be missed alot.
Alex B

Dame Elizabeth Taylor was truly an angel walking on earth, never to be forgotten. May God hold her close.
Bjarne H

Elizabeth Taylor you were a MARVELOUS example of how to do life - thank YOU!!

What an extraordinary individual! I doubt that we will ever see her like again.


Ms Elizabeth Taylor, my lovely. You have given us so much love and entertainment throughout the years..we feel like icons like you are distant family members. We have a beautiful piece of artwork, my husband made of you. You are immortalized forever on the wall, and in our hearts...G-d bless you, Elizabeth're finally at peace, out of pain and can rest and snooze happily. We love you...Oh and if you see Baby, my beautiful Shetland Sheepdog, please give her a kiss for us!!  She recently went home....
All our love.
Stan and Laura, Dylan, Baby, and Aldo


Those of us around the world who are affected by HIV are also affected by the death of this great actress and humanitarian. I have been living with HIV now for almost 30 years, so I remember the early to mid-1980s, when none of our political leaders were willing to even talk about the horrible new disease called AIDS. For those of us who buried scores of our friends, we remember those days as if they were yesterday, and we remember that it was Elizabeth Taylor who used her fame in order to champion AIDS research. This became the cause of her life, and thus it caused many, many lives to be exteded or saved. I pray that God will grant Elizabeth eternal peace, and that her memory will be a blessing for her family and friends, and for all those whose life, like mine, she has touched forever.
Alan/Houston, Texas

Coming from a Sub-Saharan African country where 1 in 4 people is HIV positive, I strongly admired the passion and dedication exhibited by Elizabeth Taylor in the fight against HIV/AIDS. She brought the issues of HIV/AIDS to the fore in showbiz and in the process ignited the much needed interest from other celebrities. Dame Elizabeth Taylor you will be greatly missed in Africa but you have left us with a firm foundation from which we will continue with the fight until we overcome AIDS!

Ms Taylor was an "icon" in every sense of the word, and in so many ways.  The world is a bit dimmer with the loss of her light here, but her work, words, and track record will keep her in our hearts and minds for the future. she set the bar for the rest of us and is the epitome of the words, "Never stop fighting till the fight is over!" Blessed Be.

We were children together.  I love you, Elizabeth. 
El Paso, Texas


We mourn your passing Dame Elizabeth.  Thank you for the tremendous work you did for those living with AIDS/HIV and for all of us. We cherish your exceptional film performances, especially "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" and "Suddenly Last Summer".   Rest in peace.



Elizabeth Taylor has been a part of my life since she made “National Velvet.” I was born when she made the film and throughout my life her movies have been a  “stepping stone.”  One never thinks a celebrity of her caliber would ever cross one’s path. Years ago I drove some “gal friends” to Washington, D.C. to spend Good Friday shopping, eating, and touring. None of the gals had ever been inside The Kennedy Center. As I was showing them through I noticed a huge number of people outside the Eisenhower Theater. I inquired at the Box Office and was told there was a matinee of “The Little Foxes” starring Elizabeth Taylor. I was dumbfounded!!! The only tickets left were “Standing Room.” We bought the last 5 tickets for $6.50 each. Her beautiful violet eyes were visible to the 5 of us as we stood transfixed for the 2 hours. In later years I followed her work with amfAR and became a contributor. The day she passed I didn’t cry,but today the tears have come as I fully realize this special lady has left us. My sincere sympathy goes out to her family,friends,and the worldwide community that loves her!
Carol H


R.I.P Elizabeth, you’ll always be my favourite. ’ National Velvet ‘ defines your true spirit….Nationally acclaimed star and smooth as Velvet in your quality ways. You shine brighter than any other star. I will most definitely miss you….. To your family, friends and fans my sincere condolences.
P.S.Another star will shine bright tonight and my mum and dad will have their favourite actress with them to share their company.

It was our pleasure to make a donation to amfAR yesterday in memory of Dame Elizabeth. Her philanthropic endeavors for AIDS research for over 20 years will never be forgotten. The words expressed by her son Michael said it best: the world is indeed a better place for her having been in it. She leaves a remarkable film legacy reflecting a wide-range of superb acting ability, beginning as a child actor and making over 50 films, as we all know. She led a colorful life, as she herself said, with much happiness, and unfortunately, with much unhappiness, especially having been plagued with innumerable severe illnesses throughout her lifetime. But she was a fighter till the end, and she will be missed.
Sue Ann & Mitchell Blas

The world has lost a remarkable woman. amfAR has lost an incredible driving force in the fight against AIDS. Hopefully we can all learn from Dame Taylor, and pick up the battle. Finding a cure/solution to this would be a victory for all and a fitting tribute to Ms. Taylor.

I saw Dame Taylor in Beverly Hills few years ago at an event. The entire room went silent as she entered the room. Everyone was just amazed at her beauty. The Gay mens choir started to sing the Dame song. It certainly was an evening I will not forget. I was looking forward to seeing her at Amfar this year. Sadly, she was not able to attend. I have lost my love to AIDS. Her work in the AIDS areana is unmatchable.

The world mourns her passing.

When the other actor, Ronald Reagan was silent and would not even utter a word, Elizabeth Taylor spoke out courageously loud and clear. She was heard. For one still alive after living with this disease for over 30 years, I am forever in her debt. Thank you Elizabeth, my queen.
Tom S


elizabeth taylor's heart was the most beautiful part of her body, i will always thank her for all her time, generosity, determination and devotion that she gave to her wonderful foundation for aids research. i wouldn't be writing this today if it wasn't for her.

it has been a long life's journey for elizabeth taylor starting from her first public performance at the age of 3 and then going through her many extreme personal ups and downs in life. but i believe it all prepared her and gave her the toughness and love and compassion for her biggest challenge in life----to be a voice for those with hiv/aids. thank you liz for your voice and courageous fight for all of us. god bless you and your family. we will miss you.

ELIZABETH TAYLOR DIED TODAY 03/23/11 AT AGE 79, and for a brief moment the world stopped turning, while I thought of this legendary beauty, who was gutsy, whose passion for life was well known, her love of ALL animals was extraordinary. I saw almost every film she made, and loved them all. While her outer beauty faded in old age as it always does, her inner beauty shone through like like a candle in the dark. She was one of the first of famous celebrities who was active in Gay and lesbian rights, and raised untold money for Aides. She never missed a chance to speak out for those causes. I wept when I thought of how much I will miss her, as will millions of others. She left a light behind her that will always shine in her memory. An eternal light that will live on in our hearts. Farewell Elizabeth.


Will miss you for your films and charity works...

Hugzzz, Jim

Thank you Elizabeth Taylor not for only your career and hours of countless enjoyment through your acting career, but for the excellent work with AmFar and for all your effort in changing the face of HIV/AIDS, changing the face of stigma and death.  We still have no cure, but thanks to the work of people like you now is a more manageable disease.  God bless you!

Raul from Miami Fl

In 1982 I lost my favorite cousin to AIDS before anyone knew how to name his disease. Staff at San Francisco General were afraid to touch him and wore safety clothes to enter his room. Family mostly refused to visit. He endured unbelievable pain to allow testing, sampling and (mostly faulty) diagnosing to help shed light on what was swiftly becoming the scourge of young men across America. His frail body, wrapped in bandages, bruised and battered, lying alone in an isolation wing of the hospital, was failing him. And science, medicine and the world of public opinion were failing him too. When he became the heart-breaking centerfold photo in a national magazine, it wasn't because of his Master's Degree, or his work as advisor to San Francisco's Mayor Feinstein, or his work founding Sh'ar Zahav, the first synagogue to welcome people of all genders and orientations, but for his losing battle against this harbanger of death. Until Dame Elizabeth stepped up to the National and later International  podium and brought light, compassion and fearless love to people like my sweet, brilliant, already lost cousin, the world's leaders had turned their backs and refused to help. There is a new star in the cosmos. G-d rest her valiant and beautiful soul.
Sara Z

She was so incredibly beautiful, both physically and spiritually. The work she did for AIDS surpasses even her phenomenal acting ability. What a force of Nature! The world is less bright without her.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for taking a stand against HIV/AIDS when so many didn't care.  My son, who died March 8, 2011, benefited from your wonderful and inspiring fight for all those with AIDS.  May you rest in peace.
Frances M,
Laurel, Mississippi

Her's was a life fraught with success, fame, notoriety, scandal and and turbulence. She rose aboveall with her unbridled passion and devotion to helping those stricken with HIV/AIDS. She
refused to be silent when those around us were. There was no end to her compassion and love.
Her actions spoke louder and clearer then than any bell could ring. Dame Elizabeth has let an
indelible mark on the lives of millions with her generous loving spirit. "When arms no longer reach dear love, in our hearts we hold you"

To all Dame Elizabeth Taylor's family, friends and associates,
I do deeply send all my sympathy to all of you at this very sad time. She was a great star and a great person do come out so bravely to support all those with AIDS at a time no one would. She has done so very much and I salute her and you all at this very sad time. Her example in this regard is one that should be a model for all. Should her family see this, I extend to you all the sympathy that the world can hold. God Bless you all and her memory in cinema and life will shine forever. With love,

You were one stand-up broad.  We need more like you.

I was living in San Francisco when this terrible epidemic began.  While the city of San Francisco was doing its best, there was virtually no response from the federal government.  To lose so many wonderful and talented friends was numbing.  Ms. Taylor's powerful activism was a beacon of hope and a voice for so many of us.  For this incredible humanitarian effort, I am just as grateful today as I was when she first stood up.  Her spirit, beauty, talent and passion will be her legacy.  My heartfelt condolences to her family and friends. 
With sadness and hope,

You will be missed in every way, as a brilliant actress, a lover of many, but especially your commitment to the HIV/AIDS cause. You made people see just what the disease was about, I.E. Rock Hudson.  You made me want to fight harder for my own clients with the disease in So. IL.  I pray for your family & friends. It's time to rest my favorite and beautiful star.

Thank you Elizabeth Taylor for your compassion to this human race. Still cherishing your 1998 SUGAR Christmas Ornament that raised $ for AIDS research. My best friend is still with me today because of you ! Thank you for going to Congress in the 1980's-you were so brave ! Thank you for standing by Michael J's side. I wish we could have been friends. I will remember your style and beauty when I watch your films. Please rest peacefully, much love, Fondly,
David M.
I have love Elizabeth Taylor since I was a child and first saw her in National Velvet.  She is truly one of the greatest Movie Stars and humanitarian we have ever had.  She will be greatly be missed but not forgotten.

Many of  us have grown up with Elizabeth Taylor.  She will be miss not only for acting, generosity, but her humanitarian to all.  Our condolences to her family and all who mourn her.
The S Family

Thank You for You & for putting risk a side for mankind - I'm sure it's not unnoticed where you are

I think about the legacy this incredible woman has left behind, it's not her movies, it's her human compassion for others that is so profound, her drive changed the face of Aids forever, I think of all of the friends that I have lost to this disease and the ones that have now been spared because of her dedication and love for the human spirit. Her light may have gone out here on earth but it will for ever shine in the hearts of us all! To an incredible woman Dame Elizabeth "Thank You" for making this earth your home and sharing your love with all of us!

We lost an amazing person. I will forever grateful for all of the hard work she put into all her charity work, especially HIV/AIDS. I admire her for being one of the first to speak up about this epidemic when everyone else was being quiet about it. She was truly and inspiration to lots of people and someone that will be forever admired and remembered. May she forever be in blissfulness.


Thank you Elizabeth Taylor for your love and compassion. You raised Aids Awareness and fundraising to a level no one else could ever achieve. You were such a great beauty and actress and we will always have your films to admire your work in Hollywood, but your most lasting legacy will be as a leader and fundraiser for AmFar. Thank you and the world loves you.

I’ve Lost quite a few friends to AIDS but I know that she fought right alongside through their battle. Heaven is a better and improved place now….Thank you Elizabeth.


I was very sadded to hear that Elizabeth Taylor had died. It was a shock. She was a great actress and a beautiful person inside and out, Her humanitarian work against aids will never be forgotten. God now has the most beautiful angel of all time. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

When I think of Elizabeth Taylor I actually feel as if I knew her. I as many people who grew up with her might feel the same way. I recently followed her on Twitter. I also think of her role in Suddenly last Summer as Catherine. That was one of my favorite movies. She was a skilled actress and also a mother to her children. She fully understood how to become the character she was playing. Its sad to think a person you always thought of isn't here anymore, although I hope her tenacity for causes to help people continues on. I would also like to extend my sincere sympathy to her family. Sincerely,

Dearest Elizabeth our Angel,

Thank you for your tireless efforts to Aids Research and your heart of gold to all that have suffered and are still suffering with this dreaded disease. You were a wonderful women and a classic beauty. There will  never be another one like you. One of a kind and so beautiful inside and out. Thank you so much for it all. Finally with your beloved Richard  

I'm grateful for her philanthropic efforts.

May she rest in peace.

She was a great lady in every fascet of her life who will be missed by millions of people.  I've been a fan from her first movie to her last and always wanted more. She loved with all her heart and we loved her the same way. There will never be another like her. May you rest in peace

Elizabeth Taylor was beautiful, but she didn’t let the US government put a pretty face on their ugly and reprehensible failure to respond to AIDS.  Her off-the-cuff remark—“I don’t even think President Bush knows how to spell AIDS”—turned a no-news AIDS conference into an international forum on US inaction.   I don’t think there has been anyone who did more to use their star power to shine a light on how easy, and how deadly, it was to dismiss people with HIV as unworthy.

Dame Elizabeth was a true Lady, she was beautiful inside and outside!  She had a large and generous heart, and those close to her were indeed blessed!  She will be missed, however her good works and her memory will live on, and on, and on! She was indeed a Righteous Person!

Thank You Elizabeth Taylor. You were very well-informed on Aids and you did a lot for charity. Thank you for making Aids a topic for all to speak about without shame. We will remember you always.

Having had the distinct honor of attending many of the very first amfAR events and meeting Elizabeth Taylor, I am extremely saddened by her passing.  She forged new frontiers as a humanitarian never accepting no for an answer.  Elizabeth had the faith and courage  to make a difference when not many would.  Educating the world wherever she went. She had the ability to make a person feel as though they were the only one in a room of hundreds.  My thoughts and prayers to her family and friends. Bless you Dame Elizabeth... always.
Bonnie M.

Dear Elizabeth,
You were truly one of a kind. I loved everything you did till the end. I know you have now become a star in the heavens watching over us forever. Give Michael a hug for me.

I wish to thank Ms. Taylor posthumously for her tremendous efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Ms. Taylor, you will long be remembered for your contribution and fighting spirit. We love you and will miss you!
Britt S

Elizabeth Taylor will no doubt be remembered for her fine acting career and her beauty (both inner and outer). However, more importantly she will forever remain in our hearts for her tremendous contribution to help raise the awareness of AIDS and for her untiring willingness to raise money to fight this terrible disease.  Rest well dear Elizabeth.  Your star will forever burn brightly in the heavens above.

Dear sweet, beautiful, brave, passionate, talented Elizabeth... You will be missed and remembered forever and for so many reasons. We are truly a lessor people without you on this earthly plane! Forever a fan and disciple.. 

I was working in a health agency when AIDS first came to light. The patients we saw were filled with fear and we did what we could with the knowledge we were able to obtain. I do believe it was due to Angel Elizabeth that progress was made more quickly than it would have been without her. I saw the grief of those who lost loved ones from this disease and gave as much comfort as could be given to them with tears in my own eyes for them. Many more lives were saved or at least made more humanely taken care of thanks to her efforts. I never met the lady personally but heard she was a REAL person with a great sense of humor as well as compassion. Her family should be very proud of the legacy she left behind. Enjoy Heaven Dame Elizabeth. You earned it!


You were magnificent, you were unique, you will be missed.  

As far as I am concerned, Ms Taylor is/was the most beatuiful woman in the world.  It's not good bye, we will all meet again.  I always had a hard time choosing between Ms Taylor and Debbie Reynolds.  I think the eyes got me!!!  She is no longer hurting and is young again,  may she rest in peace. 

From Chile and from around the world, the community of movies, theater and organizations working on HIV / AIDS make a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor, who go down in history not only for its artistic quality but also by its particular mode value friendship and work toward other people.
Never forget you, you will live forever

Thanks to Dame Elizabeth Taylor for her years of dedicated service to AIDS research and for lending her Star Quality Name to energize her cause.  Words are not enough to show our gratitude.


I am saddened of the loss of Elizabeth Taylor even though I only knew her through television and movies, her death is like losing a friend. There was only one Elizabeth Taylor and her legend will live on. Deepest Sympathy,

May you rest in Peace.

Cudowna,przepiekna,super utalentowana i jakze ludzka Ms Elizabeth Taylor pozostanie w mojej pamieci na zawsze.
Mialem czesc spotkać Nia  w 1996r. podczas International Conference w Vancouver.
Tyle dobrego zrobila dla nas , osob seropozytywnych. Dziekuje Ci Liz z calego serca.
Szczere wyrazy wspolczucia dla wszystkich dzialaczy z AMFAR


Elizabeth was not only  a great
Actress but she put her self out there to help people with HIV. She was one of the first to give a voice & try to do whatever had to be done to help. In 1993. I lost my brother to to HIV. Not many people were aware about the disease. Too many loving smart Talented funny people have died.I myself have been a supporter of Amfar. I send my heartfelt sympathy to her family & friend's. I thank Elizabeth for her passion to help people with Aid's . You were one of a kind.
Great compassion & such a beautiful soul.
Thankyou Elizabeth

I'm 62 years old. It seems Elizabeth Taylor has been a part of my consciousness always.  I admired her as an actress, but even more so as a person.  I lost a brother to AIDS in 1994. I will forever remember her compassion, understanding and courage.  I will miss her.
Ann, Lincoln, CA

 My deepest condolences to the family of Dame Elizabeth Taylor who prove herself an stalwart advocate for those infected with the HIV virus and suffering with AIDS.  May God, in His mercy, grant you all an extra measure of peace, comfort, and strength during this difficult time. May Ms Taylor rest in peace and be forever remembered for the love she showed to the suffering and afflicted.
With deepest sympathy,
Dr. Arnold

She will be missed!

 Having been involved with CINEMA AGAINST AIDS since its inception at Cannes, when ignorance and bigotry was the norm, I have been privileged to witness first hand, Elizabeth’ crusade to educate the world about HIV/Aids.  As an Iconic star, she galvanized and cajoled the conscience of all who she came in contact with.  A truly amazing human being, the like of which we will never see again
May she rest in peace.

I would like to say that Miss Taylor was not only very beautiful, but also an example of a real lady with a lot of class.  She is model to follow in the manner in which she carried herself as a woman!  May God Bless You Elizabeth Taylor!  tha nk you for all the good movies you left behind for us to savor. 

We will certainly miss Elizabeth Taylor!  When many turned away from those fighting HIV/AIDS, Ms. Taylor stood up for the cause.  She had spent many years fighting for a cure.  May there soon be a cure for this horrible disease!!!!
May God Bless!

To the family of Elizabeth Taylor I wish to express my love and support for your great loss. I will always cherish my memories of such a beautiful and loving woman. She taught the world how to understand and help in the fight against AIDS. We the gay community of the USA will never forget her love and compassion. Rest in peace dear Elizabeth. With all my Heart,

For some reason I have always been enamored of Elizabeth.  This began as a child--probably after I saw "National Velvet".  I consider one of my all time favorite compliments, when someone likened me to Elizabeth.  I enjoyed and appreciated her artistry and beauty and talent, but I think I truly admired her for her strength and courage--in her own life--and especially in her battle against AIDS.
A true Hollywood legend has left us.  YOU will be sorely missed.  Be free now.

So muito grato por tudo aquilo que voce Elizabeth fez por nois. 
descance em paz meu anjo. que Deus te abencoe. amen.

Not only did you bring pleasure to all through your acting in memorable movies, but your unselfish dedication to ending AIDS sets you apart from the ordinary.
Thank you.

Yet another Giant for Humanity has passed leaving us with treasured memories and experiences.  Mine and of my partner's, Richard Kielar, took place at the White House when Ms. Taylor was to receive the Presidential Medal of Honor.  It was January 2001, President Clinton's last week in office.  There she was, radiant, with her true violet eyes and her Cheshire smile.  Her legs were not in good shape, so she was being escorted around the White House on her wheel chair assisted by her hairdresser.  Her beloved white poodle was on her lap.  We almost knelt beside her and thanked her for her support of AMFAR and in the fight against AIDS.  We simply said:  "Thank you Mrs. Taylor, for being there".  And he eyes lit up and placing a "beautifully jeweled" hand on top of ours (not jeweled of course), she said softly but determined: "And I will always be, Richard, I always will".  My throat goes into a lump when I think about that day.  So many of us learn from her about compassion, understanding, and selfless service.  May she rest in peace.  She will never be forgotten and will always be there.

You were such a beautiful woman, but more so inside.  The founding of AmFar, the wonderful friend you were to Rock Hudson in his time of need and for keeping so many Hollywood will forever be one of the classiest ladies of all.  You are such an inspiration to women everywhere.  Thank you for all the good work you've done on behalf of AIDS.  When no one else even wanted to touch sufferers, you stood up and shouted it was wrong.  You showed Louis B Mayer that a woman is JUST as good as a man.  You showed the world that humanity should always come first in art and life.  I just know that you are having one hell of a party up there now...sparkling all the way!  You were so loved and will be greatly missed.

My heart aches in deep sorrow for your passing MS Taylor.  In the early years I have lived with loss of family and friends and seen and experienced the wonderful break throughs that AmFar has discovered thru your relentless  dedication in ending this horrible disease.  The entire World is in your dept for bringing this out in the open . THANK YOU SO MUCH!  May you Rest in Peace,  My prayers go out to your family.   

Elizabeth Taylor had it all. All except an easy life. Exceptional physical beauty is a gift that cuts two ways. She earned the throne she occupied-- not born to it-- but earned, and demonstrated over a remarkable career. And when ease and affluence were her lapdogs she rose alone when none other would dare, to champion some of the most reviled among us in the face of an unconquerable leviathon from whom Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, (and other Queens) averted their frightened eyes. And we saw that Elizabeth was as beautiful inside as out. With more than her share of physical and emotional pain herself we heard only of her championing of others, her friends, sometimes nobody's friends save hers. And if we wonder why we feel her loss so acutely, so strangely, why does it affect us so? The more we reflect the more we know. Au revoir mon cheri.

When I was-a-sophomore at Brigham Young University (BYU) in 1966-67, I sent-a-note to Ms. Taylor thanking her for an amazing role in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf." I added she'd win-a-Best Actress Oscar!
- Several months later, after-thee-Academy Awards, I received-a-brief reply expressing-her-gratitude for-my-kind words! Everyone at my BYU dorm was jealous!
... It was rumored, a yr. before, she-&-Marlon Brando were in-a-private railroad car on the Atchison, Topeka-&-Sante Fe train when it stopped for water at-a-Colorado mt. pass. I was a freshman-at-N.M. Highlands Univ. then. But, we didn't see them when-several-of us ran outside to look at-that-car!
- Ironically, when I was West Coast Editor of Radio-&-TV for "Billboard Magazine," I met her at a screening of Barry Manilow's special for ABC-TV in '79! And she-remembered-me as well as that note!
... Now, at 64 after 35+ yrs. as-an-international/award-winning/print-journalist in the mainstream-&-gay media on both coasts, I'll always cherish-her-memory for shaming Pres. Reagan into saying-the-word "AIDS' finally when her friend Rock Hudson died from-the-disease!
- Thanks for thee wonderful-movie-memories Elizabeth and standing up for the gay community when we needed-it-most. Goddess-BLESS-you and yours! We'll-NEVER-forget you!!!

I loved and admired you since I was a youngster. Your beauty, your talents, your compassion, your love of people, your love of life, your loyalty, everything about you will never be forgotten. You will always be remembered as a truly wonderful and courageous human being.
 Your dedication and advocacy for AIDS victims will never be forgotten. May you rest in peace, you will be truly missed. My condolences to your family and friends and all who loved you.. God bless you always.
Joanne S