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“We intend to quicken the pace of cure research by supporting a collaborative community of leading HIV researchers in one cohesive enterprise.” - Kevin Robert Frost, amfAR Chief Executive Officer

An Exciting New Research Collaboration

Launched on the eve of World AIDS Day 2015, the amfAR Institute for HIV Cure Research is the centerpiece of our $100 million investment strategy aimed at developing the scientific basis of a cure by the end of 2020.

Established with a five-year $20 million grant to the University of California, San Francisco, the Institute brings together many of the finest minds and most experienced researchers working in the field today.  

Under the direction of renowned AIDS researcher Dr. Paul Volberding, teams of investigators are working collaboratively to address the scientific challenges that stand in the way of a cure.

 Institute Director Dr. Paul Volberding 
Institute Director Dr. Paul Volberding

What’s New at the Institute?

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