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Public Policy Press Releases

amfAR to Figure Prominently at International HIV Science Conference
At amfAR Capitol Hill Conference, Government and Health Leaders Urge Continued Investments in HIV/AIDS Programs To End Epidemic
Straight with HIV: An Interview with Joshua Middleton
Amid Signs of Progress, African Americans Remain Most Affected by HIV/AIDS
New Study Investigates PrEP for Female Sex Workers in Thailand

UNAIDS Reports Record Number on Antiretroviral Therapy - Warns Young Women Still at High Risk
TAG/amfAR Publication Proposes an Integrated HIV Prevention Continuum
amfAR Publishes Recommendations for Health Plans and Health Care Purchasers to Support Efforts to Curb the HIV Epidemic in the U.S.
Durban Hosts 21st International AIDS Conference
Kenneth Cole Appointed UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador
New Report Reveals Uneven Progress on Global HIV/AIDS
New Analyses Show Where to Focus HIV Prevention and Care Efforts
A Step Forward for HIV Prevention
Congress Eases Restrictions on Funding for Syringe Exchange

amfAR Donors to Match Funds Raised on CrowdRise by Celebrity Riders in the 6th Kiehl's LifeRide for amfAR
White House Releases Updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy
amfAR Launches PEPFAR Country/Regional Operational Plan Database
HuffPo Live: H.I.V. Cases Lead Indiana To Extend Needle Exchanges
Surge of HIV Cases Among Drug Users in Indiana Underscores Value of Syringe Services Programs
Women and HIV/AIDS: Fast Tracking the U.S. and Global Response
HIV/AIDS and Key Populations in West and Central Africa
Women and HIV/AIDS Fast-Tracking the U.S. and Global Response
amfAR Welcomes Continued AIDS Funding in President's Budget Proposal, Including Important Increase for PEPFAR and HIV/AIDS Research
Mario Cuomo: A Forceful and Compassionate Advocate

amfAR Welcomes New Federal Investments to Fight Global and Domestic HIV/AIDS Epidemic
New Study Shows Dire Consequences from Elevated HIV Cases among Black Gay Men in the U.S.
CDC Releases New Data on Trends in the U.S. HIV Epidemic
amfAR Praises Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Plan to End AIDS in New York
HIV Testing: The Key to Ending AIDS in America?
Policy and Research Leaders Headline amfAR Capitol Hill Summit
amfAR Statement on Ugandan HIV Prevention and Control Act
amfAR Capitol Hill Briefing Convenes Leading Global Health Experts to Chart a Roadmap for Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic Worldwide
amfAR Denounces Raid on the Makerere University Walter Reed Project by Ugandan Authorities
amfAR Applauds the Selection of Douglas M. Brooks as Director of the Office of National AIDS Policy
amfAR Warns of Slowdown in Global AIDS Response
2014 amfAR Capitol Hill Conference
Stop the Anti-LGBT Laws in Uganda and Nigeria
amfAR Denounces Passage of Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill
Getting the Job Done
amfAR Hails Nomination of Global Health Leader Dr. Deborah Birx as U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator
Don’t Put the Brakes on Ending AIDS

How Many Lives Do Your Taxes Save Each Year?
Syringe Services Controversy Brews in Western Massachusetts
amfAR Mourns the Loss of Former South African President Nelson Mandela
amfAR Welcomes Clear Signs of Progress on Domestic HIV/AIDS Epidemic
An Open Letter to Incoming PEPFAR Coordinator on Key Populations
amfAR Hails Passage of PEPFAR Stewardship and Oversight Act
A World AIDS Day Request to President Obama
Winning the Battle but Losing the War: Prescription Drug Abuse and Syringe Services Programs
amfAR Applauds Passage of the HOPE Act
The National HIV/AIDS Strategy at Three: Time for Recommitment to Ending AIDS in America
amfAR Goes to Capitol Hill to End the Ban on Funding Syringe Exchanges
amfAR Think Tank on Implementation Science for PWID
amfAR Recognizes Anniversary of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy – Welcomes New Administration Initiatives
Capitol Hill Briefing: Where Are We in Ending the AIDS Epidemic?
AIDSVu Updates Its Interactive Maps of HIV in the U.S.
Preventing HIV Among People Who Inject Drugs - Developing an Implementation Science Agenda
amfAR Applauds Supreme Court Decision on Anti-Prostitution Pledge
PEPFAR Turns 10: The Progress and the Promise
If We Want an AIDS-Free Generation, Why Are We Cutting PEPFAR?(1)
amfAR Welcomes Increased AIDS Funding in President’s Budget Proposal, Including Important Increase for Global Fund
If We Want an AIDS-Free Generation, Why Are We Cutting PEPFAR?
Contact Your Legislator To Help End the Ban
PEPFAR Receives Glowing Report, but Funding at Risk
Key points from Think Tank on the Lancet special issue on MSM and HIV
amfAR Calls for Restoration of Federal Support for Syringe Services Programs
Global Advocacy Corps Grants Support Analysis and Advocacy at the National Level
Obama - The President Who Ends AIDS
Global Advocacy Corps

Then They Came For Me…
amfAR Hails Release of AIDS-Free Generation Blueprint
amfAR Welcomes Mark Dybul as New Global Fund Executive Director
HIV Prevention Must Resume Its Place in the Larger LGBT Agenda
A Cure for HIV/AIDS: Recent Breakthroughs and New Research Frontiers
Gay Men, MSM Key to Successful HIV/AIDS Response
amfAR Hails Commitments by Secretary Clinton
amfAR Supports FDA Approval of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)
The National HIV/AIDS Strategy at Two: The beginnings of reform, and a glimpse of success
amfAR Applauds Decision by U.S. Supreme Court to Uphold Majority of Health Care Reform Law
amfAR Applauds FDA Panel Recommendation on Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), Urges Swift Action on Approval
FDA Hearing on PrEP Set for May 10
amfAR Welcomes Selection of Grant Colfax, M.D., to Lead Office of National AIDS Policy
Why Cutting PEPFAR Is Bad Policy
amfAR Opposes Proposed Cuts to Bilateral Global AIDS Funding
President Obama’s Commitment to an AIDS-Free Generation (and How to Make It Happen)

amfAR Applauds President Obama’s Bold Commitment to Begin to End the AIDS Epidemic at Home and Abroad
amfAR Welcomes Sweeping Obama Administration Policies Designed to Protect Gays and Lesbians Abroad
amfAR Deeply Critical of Re-Imposition of Ban on Federal Funding for Syringe Exchange
amfAR Applauds Remarks on U.S. Global AIDS Leadership from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
amfAR Calls for New Paradigm for HIV Prevention Among Gay Men
amfAR Warns of Deadly Human Impact of Proposed Cuts in Global Health Funding
amfAR Commemorates First Anniversary of National HIV AIDS Strategy
amfAR Welcomes NIH-Funded HIV AIDS Cure Initiative
amfAR Applauds Release of PEPFAR Guidance for Preventing HIV Among MSM
Early HIV Treatment Greatly Decreases Transmission Rate to Partners
A Step Forward in Tackling America’s AIDS Epidemic (Now the Work Begins)
amfAR Capitol Hill Briefing Explores New HIV Prevention Technologies, Underscores Importance of Adequate Funding and Targeting High-Risk Groups
amfAR Applauds Commitment to National HIV AIDS Strategy in FY2012 Budget but Is Concerned About Near Flat-Funding of Global AIDS Efforts

Policy Consultation Report: Preventing HIV Among Gay Men in the U.S. (in conjunction with Trust for America's Health) (December 2010)
Public Health Leaders to Obama: AIDS Investments Save Lives, We Need Your Leadership
Dr. Susan Blumenthal, amfAR Medical Advisor, Honored as a 2010 GQ Rock Star of Science™
amfAR’s Chris Collins Honored for National HIV AIDS Strategy Advocacy
How HIV Prevention Has to Change
Letter to Secretary Sebelius on Research and the National Strategy
amfAR Calls Protest Against Speaker Pelosi Unwarranted and Counterproductive
amfAR Applauds President Obama’s National HIV AIDS Strategy
amfAR Signs Vienna Declaration, Advocating for Evidence-Based Drug Policies
amfAR Urges U.S. Government to Lift Blood Donation Ban for Men Who Have Sex with Men
Top NIH Infectious Disease Expert: More Research Could Bring About a “Functional Cure” for HIV AIDS
amfAR VP Chris Collins Receives Positive Leadership Award
U.S. Senate Condemns Ugandan “Anti-Homosexuality Bill”
Rosenfield Fellowships to Support Young Public Health Leaders
amfAR Urges U.S. Congress to Affirm Human Rights Regardless of Sexual Orientation
amfAR Applauds House Passage of Health Reform Bill
amfAR Helps Organize House Hearing on AIDS and Global Health Spending
The Other Healthcare Debate
amfAR Calls for a Reassessment of HIV Prevention Efforts for Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) in the U.S.
amfAR Supports Congressional Resolution Condemning Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda
amfAR CEO Frost Named to Presidential Advisory Council on HIV AIDS
amfAR Welcomes Increase in AIDS Research Funding, Calls for Expanded Investments

amfAR Applauds Lifting of Ban on Federal Funding for Syringe Exchange
Syringe Exchange Ban May Be Lifted Soon
amfAR Welcomes Lifting of U.S. Ban on HIV-Positive Visitors and Immigrants
Video: Chris Collins on amfAR's Policy Priorities
amfAR Supports Presidential Action on Syringe Exchange Programs
President Obama's New $5 Billion Investment: A Welcome Boost for HIV AIDS Research
Join the Discussion: Help Shape the National AIDS Strategy
Syringe Exchange Takes Center Stage in amfAR’s Advocacy Efforts
amfAR Commends Latest Congressional Action Advancing AIDS Prevention
A Crucial Step for Advancing HIV AIDS Prevention
amfAR Commends Congressional Action on Syringe Exchange Programs
amfAR Applauds First Step to Remove Ban on Federal Funding for Syringe Exchange Programs
amfAR Welcomes Steps to Lift Ban on HIV-Positive Visitors
The Challenge and Opportunity of a National AIDS Strategy
amfAR Policy and Medical Advisor Blumenthal Named Health Leader of the Year
Video: Capitol Hill Conference
Chris Collins Joins amfAR as Vice President and Director of Public Policy
amfAR Issues Call to Action at Groundbreaking Capitol Hill Conference
amfAR Disappointed That Syringe-Exchange Ban Not Removed from President’s Proposed Budget
amfAR Endorses Confirmation of Dr. Eric Goosby to Head OGAC
Government Moves to “Act Against AIDS” in the U.S.
Poll: If you had an infant son, would you have him circumcised as a preventive measure against HIV? [January 2009]

Women and HIV: Still Burdened by Stigma
amfAR to Release Survey Results Showing Pervasive HIV Stigma
Stem Cell Move Heralds Hopeful New Era for Biomedical Research and for AIDS
National AIDS Policy Nominee Must Move Swiftly on National AIDS Strategy
amfAR CEO Weighs In on Need for Health Leadership in Washington
President Obama Reverses “Global Gag Rule”
amfAR Voices Support for Obama’s Pick for Top Job at CDC
Top Seven AIDS Policy Issues Facing the New Administration
How Will Obama Fight AIDS?
Can a Pill a Day Prevent HIV?
New President, a New Era in HIV/AIDS Policy
Poll: Who should be tested for HIV? [July 2008]
Poll: Which region of the U.S. has the largest number of people living with AIDS? [June 2008]
Poll: Should the U.S. Welcome People with HIV? [January 2008]
Poll: Should an HIV-positive woman have a child if she wants to? [May 2008]
Poll: Should a student’s HIV-positive status be reported to his or her school administration? [October 2008]
WHO Releases New Guidelines Addressing Health Worker Shortages
Washington, D.C., To Implement HIV/AIDS Curriculum in Fall 2008
Washington Releases City’s First Statistics on HIV
UNAIDS Revises Global HIV/AIDS Estimates
Thembi’s AIDS Diary
Senate Committee Holds Hearing on NIH Funding
Senate Bill Seeks to Lift Ban on HIV-Positive Visitors
Report Highlights Failures in Delivery of HIV/AIDS Services for Immigrants Detained by the U.S.
President Bush Signs FY 2008 Omnibus: Bill Mandates Free Access to NIH-Funded Research Findings
New Law Allows Funding for Syringe Exchange Programs in D.C.
House Passes PEPFAR Reauthorization
House Committee Holds Hearing on Abstinence-Only Programs
California’s 2008–09 Budget Proposal Cuts HIV/AIDS Funding
Arizona Joins Other States in Rejecting Abstinence-Only Funds
AIDS-Related Deaths in New York City At Record Low
A Quarter of Female Teens in America Infected with Common Sexually Transmitted Infection

Poll: Virginity Pledges [November 2007]
Poll: Should condoms be made available in U.S. prisons and jails? [April 2007]
Poll: Is Oral Sex Safe Sex? [November 2007]
Poll: How much influence does television have on the sexual behaviors of teens? [December 2007]
What's New with the Caucus for Evidence-Based Prevention?
The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) Passes in the U.S. House of Representatives
Syringe Exchange Victory Possible in D.C.?
Study Shows Inadequate Retention Rates in Sub-Saharan Africa ART Programs
Senate Holds Hearing on PEPFAR
Policy Implications of Merck’s Recently Halted HIV Vaccine Trials
Drug Use Fueling Epidemics in the East
Committee Approves FY2008 Labor, Health and Human Services, Education Spending Bill
China to Ease Travel Restrictions for People Infected with HIV
CDC’s 2006 Routine HIV Testing Guidelines Incompatible with State Laws
Bills Aim to Boost Global HIV Prevention Among Women and Youth

When “Just Say No” Isn’t Enough - Stopping HIV Infections Among Drug-Using Populations
Why is Politics Determining U.S. Health Policy?
HIV’s Alarming Impact on Women of Color
HIV in Black America - World AIDS Day Congressional Briefing Focuses on Black Women and Families
Empowerment Through Advocacy: amfAR Interns Take on the Hill
amfAR Speaks Out Against Proposed NIH Budget Cuts
amfAR and Partners Form Caucus for Evidence-Based Prevention

HIV Prevention Methods for Women, An Update
amfAR Submits Testimony to Congressional Subcommittee Hearing on Harm Reduction
amfAR Joins Call For Congress to Review Abstinence-Only Programs